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There is a range of books listing restaurants in the Marche area:

  • Ristoranti, Trattorie e Osterie delle Marche, by Nilla Turri.Cybele:Verona, 2002.

  • Una Provincia da Gustare: Guida ai Ristoranti della Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino. Associazione Ristoranti della Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino: Pesaro, 2002. 4th ed.

    Below is a selection of some restaurants and bars that we have eaten and drunk in and enjoyed.


    Da Ciacco is on the sea front between Marotta and Fish served in a stylish, modern setting.

    Da Maria,Via Cavallara 2, Mondavio,Tel: 0721 976220
    (NB. this restaurant is not in Mondavio but in
    the area of the commune).
    The closest good restaurant to the house.
    Drive towards Piagge. Just before entering
    Piagge there is a sharp left turn to Cavallara.
    Follow this road for about 2-3 kilometres. Closed Monday


    Il Giardino is a cafe situated in a small park in the centre
    of Mondavio. It has lovely views over the countryside.

    A tuna salad, cheese and ham piadina (type of flat bread)
    with 2 bottles of water and a coffee cost 12 euros.


    La Palomba Restaurant is situated just outside
    the castle walls. It serves typical local cuisine.
    Staff are very friendly and the food of high quality.

    2 Pastas, 2 main courses, 2 Vegetables, wine, water
    and coffee came to 54 euros.

    Via Mazzolari, 22
    tel. 0721 69201
    chiusura settimanale: domenica>

    Cassetta Veccia is a wine bar in the old
    town. It is very relaxed, welcoming and
    the best bar in Pesaro.

    Il Giardino is an excellent restaurant with high
    quality food and staff. The restaurant is listed in all
    the good food guides of Italy.

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