I was born in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, but I now live in Kingston, Surrey. At university I studied geography and then did a Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship. I followed that with 3 years as a VSO in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. After Sri Lanka I worked at the Natural Resouces Institute but now work at QinetiQ (formerly the Defence Evaluation Research Agency) at Farnborough. I enjoy travel, gardening, art, and learning languages. In Sri Lanka I tried and failed to learn Tamil. Now I am concentrating on Italian.

Lesser known places
in Italy - Click Here.


I started learning Italian about 10 years ago when Bill and I went to Florence for my 40th birthday. Since then I have passed my A level Italian. I used to attend an evening class once a week but studying at Kingston University has stopped this. I also try to go to Italy once a year to improve my speaking. Last year we went back to the Marche area, had a super holiday and began to look seriously for a house. The parts in red show the regions already visited.


I am studying at the Kingston University
At QinetiQ I was a Resource Manager and felt I needed some training in Human Resource Managerment. So I began the two year postgraduate diploma Oct 2001 and will complete in April 2003.

They say that those who can do, and those who can't talk about it. In the case of art I cannot paint but I enjoy looking at it. We have bought a few paintings over the years. None of them by major artists or particularly valuable. However, they all fulfill the basic criteria that you should buy what you like and not worry about value. This link will show you one of the pictures bought some years ago but still giving pleasue.

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