I bought this picture in Belfast in 1990. The artist is Paul Finnegan, who, unfortunately is no longer actively painting. The picture is called the Reluctant Crown. I like it because it reminds me of Medieval portraits where people are painted as looking through a window onto a wider world and they draw us into wondering what they are thinking and feeling.
Richard Tuff was born in Manchester in 1965.He graduated from Winchester School Of Art. He moved to Falmouth in Cornwall at the end of 1988. Richard Tuff's paintings have a unique almost child like charm to them. The colours are rich and strong with many subtle changes of light and tone capturing Cornish harbours and towns. The paintings are jewel like, the colours invoking great joy to all who look at them.This picture is of 'Porthleven'. Other examples of his work can be see at the site of Beside the Wave Galley, Falmouth.

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