Places to visit

We have been to many of the 'must' see places of Italy e.g. Florence, Rome etc. Listed below are a few of the 'less known places' which are worth a visit. Romano di Lombardia can be included in a trip to Milan or Bergamo, Pozzuoli in a visit to Naples or Sorrento. Lecce is worth a visit in its own right as it is in the centre of a fascinating region which also includes Trani, Otranto etc.

The tomb of Rubini.
Romano di Lombardia
A market town about 25 miles south of Bergamo. For opera buffs it is worth a visit as it is the birth and death place of Giovanni Battista Rubini,one of the great opera singers of the 19th century. The house he built for his retirement and his tomb in the local cemetary can be visited. We went to the town on Market day (Thursday) and it had a great atmosphere. After visits to Padua, Verona etc. It was like coming to the real Italy.
A run down sea port on the opposite side of Naples to Sorrento. Worth going to just to visit its amphitheatre. Second in size after the Colosseum. The underground structures for the animals and the gladiators are in a near perfect state of preservation. Much more atmospheric than Verona.
Wonderful baroque town in Puglia.
Local stone, is soft and so allows the creation of unbelievably detailed and intricate carvings. Well worth a few days visit. The old town is a maze of narrow streets with beautiful buildings around every corner. The newer parts of the town boasts a great shopping centre which is great fun to wander around in the evening.

San Leo
San Leo
Close to San Marino San Leo is a wonderful medieval village. It has a church, a cathedral and a castle with wonderful views.

Near to Ancona Loreto is famous as the place where the Virgin Mary's house landed. It has wonderful architecture and the atmosphere is very special.

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